Since its foundation in June 2001, Navana CNG has been relentlessly working to get a strong foothold in Bangladesh as a socially responsible reputed company and consequently gained recognition from customers for its product's quality and services.

Recently celebrating its 9th anniversary, Navana CNG has achieved countrywide presence by expanding conversion facility for petrol/octane, diesel driven vehicle, generator into CNG, selling CNG re-fueling stations, selling CNG through its own operating stations, selling CNG conversion and re-fueling equipments and providing CNG cylinder re-testing facility in Bangladesh. We are pleased to announce our achievement of ISO 9001:2000 certification in the year 2009 for quality products and services. We also like to announce that we have achieved Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA) membership certification in the same year.

As we strive for excellence in all endeavors, we are very confident to be the most competitive company in the country for all customer segments.

Navana CNG with its strong and stable business base, competitiveness and high growth potential, has attracted the interest of domestic as well as international market. We are focusing on an increasing and continuous investment in research and development in CNG sector for straightening our technology, as well as on spurring environment friendly product development in an effort to maximize advantage for our customer.

We wish your kind and continual support for our future development.