Diesel Driven Vehicle Conversion into CNG

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Diesel driven vehicle conversion into CNG is one of the fastest growing business sector in Bangladesh. Navana CNG Limited started conversion of diesel driven vehicle into CNG on 22nd June, 2004 by converting a HINO - FB2W mini bus.Navana CNG uses two types of system for diesel driven vehicle conversion into CNG, one is the Traditional Distributor System and the other is Electronic Ignition System of Omnitek Engineering Corporation, USA. This system is the world's number one system for retro-fitment and Navana CNG is the sole distributor of this product.This system ensures minimum gas consumption and quick pick-up with optimum power. Vehicle will be auto tuned depending on engine load, temperature and R.P.M Micro processor always monitors engine by different types of sensors.

Dipnagar workshop, which is dedicated for diesel diesel driven vehicle conversion, has emerged as the largest diesel-CNG conversion workshop in the country. Navana CNG has already converted more than 1000 diesel vehicles of all brands like Hino,Isuzu,Tata,Ashok-Leyland,Toyota, Bedford etc. into CNG and all of these with utmost satisfaction of our customers'.


Additional features:

  • Conversion and after sales services in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet & Bogra.
  • Availability of spare parts is guaranteed.
  • Well trained engineers and technicians.
  • Highest experience in diesel driven vehicle conversion into CNG.
  • Latest technology.



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