Frequently Asked Questions

CNG Conversion

CNG Filling Station

Does CNG Conversion reduce the life of the vehicle / engine?
Ans: No. There is no logical reason behind the life reduction of the vehicle/engine for its conversion to CNG. But, improper installation of Kits/CNG accessories can cause some problems. Here we can guarantee, Navana is completely professional in this respect. We have qualified engineers and technicians who are capable of providing best quality services. In addition to that converted vehicles require precision maintenance.
Is there any possibility of burst/burn CNG cylinder in case of any accident?
Ans: No. Because we use Cylinder Shut off Valve with the cylinder, which contains fusible plug, burst disk unit, excess flow valve and solenoid valve (specially OMB Moon valve). This arrangement saves cylinder from bursting and burning. Moreover, our cylinders are manufactured and maintained by NZ 5454 standard and ISO 11439:2000, which ensures best quality and safety.
How long it takes to convert a Vehicle into CNG?
Ans: Generally, it takes 4-5 hours to convert a vehicle into CNG. But, the actual time depends on the condition of your vehicles.
What about your warranty?
Ans: We provide repair and service warranty for 15 (fifteen) months and cylinder warranty for 5 (five) years.
How many K.M. does the vehicle run with 1m3 of gas?
Ans: Theoretically 1 m3 CNG=1.23 lit. of petrol/octane. Practically, vehicle will run the same distance as it goes with 1 lit. of petrol/octane. But it depends on the engine condition of your vehicle.
What is your payment system?
We have two kinds of payment system.
  • Cash
  • Pay order against work order.
It should be mentioned here that after inspection, if the customer agrees to convert his or her vehicle into CNG, then he/she would have to pay Tk. 5000 (five thousand) as booking money. After conversion of the vehicle on the prescheduled day, customer would have to pay the rest of the charges.
What are the benefits for CNG conversion of vehicles?
  • CNG is cheaper than other fuel.
  • CNG is environment friendly.
  • CNG is sulfur and lead free.
  • CNG is safer for engine than other fuel.
  • CNG saves foreign currency.
  • CNG improves engine life.
  • CNG converted vehicles can also be operated on petrol.
  • CNG converted vehicles reduce maintenance cost.
  • Adequate technical expertise.
  • Vast experience and deep-root analysis to provide complete technical solution.
  • Skilled Engineers and Technicians.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Unique after-sales service.
  • Unparallel goodwill.
How much gas can be contained in 90/6O WL cylinder?
Ans: 90 liter maximum = 90/4 = 22.5 m3 of CNG.
        60 liter maximum = 60/4 = 15 m3 of CNG.

Do you have any Bank Loan Facility?
Yes, we have an arrangement with PBL (Prime Bank Limited). PBL provide CNG Conversion loan for valued client under their consumer credit scheme. In that case, a client can get maximum Tk. 30000/= with a down payment Tk. 5000/= only for vehicle conversion to CNG.

We have also an arrangement with Standard Chartered Bank Limited and Brac Bank Limited. These banks provide loan facilities for CNG conversion among their valuable 'Credit Card' holders at "0%" interest rate.


What are the requirements to setup a CNG refueling station?
Ans: The requirements to setup CN6 refueling station are:
  • Land
  • Permission from Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Ltd. (RPGCL).
  • Permission from Explosive department.
What is the minimum land required for setting up a CNG refueling station?
Ans: 5 -7 Katha.
What is the total cost of the project?
Ans: 1,60,00,000.00 (one crore and sixty lac taka only).
What is the procedure to get permission from RPGCL?
Ans: To get permission from RPGCL the following papers are needed:

(1) Application in company's letterhead pad mentioning the subject.
(2) Company Trade License.
(3) Tax Identification Number (TIN)
(4) Station Layout Map mentioning the following:

  • Detail layout map
  • Mouja map
  • Location map
  • Company Organogram (chart)
  • Tools list
  • Safety related equipment
  • Mentioning the engineer's / architect name.
  • Owner's / Authorized signature.
All the above-mentioned papers will have to be duly signed / attested by the applicant himself.
What is the procedure to get permission from Explosive department?
Ans: To get permission from Explosive department the following papers are needed:
  • Application in company's letterhead pad mentioning the subject.
  • Fill up an application form provided by Explosive department and all other necessary papers mentioning the form.

Do you arrange permission from the respective department?
Ans: Client will arrange permissions of their own and we will guide them from the beginning to the end.
Do you provide any financial support?
Ans: No, we do not provide any financial support.
Do you provide training facilities?
Ans: Yes, we provide training facility to client's manpower to operate their station without any hassle.