CNG Refueling Station

Navana CNG has been collaborated with world famous Safe s.r.l, Italy for the operation of CNG re-fueling station and working as a sole distributor for marketing of Safe s.r.l, Italy make CNG compressor. Navana CNG installed its first CNG re-fueling station in February 2003.

Now Navana CNG uses two types of compressor for setting up of CNG re-fueling station, one is electric driven compressor and the other is gas driven compressor.At present Navana CNG has captured more than 50 % market share in Bangladesh by selling and installing CNG re-fueling stations to the various customers and 17 nos. of own operating CNG re-fueling stations in all over Bangladesh. Navana CNG provides all kinds of support for installation and commissioning of CNG re-fueling station and 24 hours backup service by well trained maintenance team to the customers.

Additional features:

  • Gas engine/ Electric motor driven compressor.
  • Mother - Daughter station technology.
  • Chiller for increasing filled gas quantity.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • 24 hours maintenance service
  • Low electric consumption.
  • Bus filling technology.
  • Exclusive 4 nozzles dispenser.
  • Automatic billing system.
  • Fast filling nozzle.
  • Longer life for all moving parts.
  • Well trained engineers from Italy.

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