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Vehicle Fitness Checkup Station (VFCS)

Navana CNG is only one private company who first time introduce the VFCS system in the private sector. To ensure best performance from vehicle, certain parts and systems of vehicles have to be checked at certain intervals as vehicle has thousands of moving parts, which are working together and by normal driving over time, some of these parts simply wear out or no longer perform the way they should.

Proper and periodic fitness checkup of vehicle is the best way to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdown and costly repair. To check more in-depth of vehicle, Navana CNG offers a complete vehicle fitness checkup facility including hands-on inspection of the brake performance, suspension, sideslip, engine power, headlight and exhaust emission which ensure long life of your vehicle without any trouble.

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Address: 4, South Kallyanpur, Mirpur Road, Dhaka - 1207, Bangladesh.
Phone: Tel: +88-02-8091207, 8091247, 8091248
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  • Suspension Tester.
  • Brake Performance Tester.
  • Emission Tester.
  • Smoke Tester.
  • Engine System Performance Tester.
  • Headlight Tester.
  • Horn Sound Level Tester.
  • Engine Power Tester.

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